Top 7 Recommended Truck GPS Devices

Many truck owners use GPS systems because they long distances. But with so many devices to choose from, some drivers are not sure which unit to select. GPS devices have different specifications and functions and at times, truck owners pick devices that are used by cars.

Trucks often have navigation requirements and challenges that need to be addressed which car GPS systems do not provide. It is therefore right to choose the ones that are specified for commercial vehicles in order to get more benefits.

Truck drivers a very creative bunch and have used several options to serve as their navigation devices. There were instances where some of them used laptops, iPhone and Smartphones. However, there are truck-specific GPS units created to serve truck drivers on the road and were proven to be more accurate and beneficial.

Before exploring any options, there is a need to check whether the device you like to purchase is legal. There are states that have restrictions on particular devices and this is very vital to the buyer to know.

Here are some pointers you may use before you jump to buy a GPS device:

• Check out which has the best LED light bar to have a surely visible night driving.
• A good GPS tracker must have updated maps that span a wide area.
• It must be capable of alerting you of alternate routes when heavy traffic is ahead or climate conditions are changing.
• Must own driver assist features like providing information of the nearest lodging, rest stops, repair services; emergency services or law enforcement stations, etc.
• Must be equipped with automated electronic logs to keep track of hours of service rendered, hours of sleep, mileage, fuel data, driving status among others.
• Must have sure Internet connectivity.

Here are a few truck-specific GPS devices that are suitable for truckers.

7. Rand McNally TND IntelliRoute 730

The 7” screen Rand McNally TND IntelliRoute 730 was redesigned inside and out and features a new and sleek hardware, faster processor, upgraded graphics and maps. It has pre-set warnings for sharp curves and hills. It is easy to navigate complex interchanges with its junction view which allows for viewing current mile marks.

This unit has two new interface options namely: carbon and ice. It includes commercial bus routing options and is compatible with Rand McNally electronic logging applications. It also allows estimated toll costs and compare them with routes without passing through tolls. Another benefit is it allows users to plan trips online. Price starts at $373.00.

6. Rand McNally TND Tablet 8″ Truck GPS and Android Tablet Combo

The 8” Rand McNally tablet truck GPS and Android combo is a good buy at $439.99 due to its many features. It is equipped with advanced lane guidance ability and a split-screen junction view. Truck points of interests like travel centers and truck service locations are available for users on its interface.

The device spans major truck route and local roads found in urban areas. It features a fuel manager, load board, accounting and document imaging. The unit also has a dashboard camera that you can use if you want to record the day’s trip.

5. PC*MILER Navigator 750

The $299.00 PC*MILER Navigator, which is powered by Co-Pilot, gets you from dock-to-dock with its voice-guided turn after turn directions that includes street names and truck specific routes across the United States and Canada through its standard map data. This unit is specially designed for company drivers, leased operators and owner-operators.

This clear 7” touch screen display transportation software delivers an in-cab GPS navigation system experience that comes highly reliable to users. Recently, it includes a fully downloadable map updates that reports road or address changes. New data is updated by the database which adds them all to existing maps and distributes to users via a 45-day update. This innovation saves users on fuel, time, costly fines and vehicle damage among others.

4. Garmin 010-01102-01 GPSMAP 741xs without Transducer

This unit includes a worldwide basemap which includes U.S. BlueChart g2 and U.S. lakes. It has an advanced built-in support for a vast array of Garmin transducers. Users may add the GCV 10 black box sonar scanning that provides clear sonar images while on water.

It has special features for sailing as well which includes enhanced wind rose, lay lines, true wind data fields, tide/current time slider, and also heading and course-over-ground lines. Starts at $831.94.

3. TomTom VIA 1505M

The TomTom 5” screen VIA 1505M is a portable GPS navigator which comes with lifetime maps. With a selling price that starts at a low $136.47, you can get more than 1 million miles more of mapped roads in the U.S. and stay updated on road changes with its map updating system which includes U.S., Mexico and Canada.

Its slim design is classy with its integrated Fold and Go easy port mount. With clearer and sharper graphics, you can surely go a long way with peace of mind while on the road.

2. Cobra 5600PROLM

This pro driver navigation GPS has a 5” screen display that comes with lifetime maps and sells at $89.95. It has lane assist with junction view and multiple routing options as enabled by its multi-point route optimization technology.

This unit has truck-specific point of interest routing scheme and maps that covers 48 U.S. states and Canada. You only need to hook it up to your computer if you want to download new maps.

1. Spy Tec STI_GL300 Mini Portable Real Time GPS Tracker

The Spy Tec STI_GL300 is a mini portable real time GPS Tracker and sells in the market for $ 129.95. It has a 100% accurate real-time GPS tracking ability with a full year historical data saved to Cloud. The device allows users to receive text and email alerts, speed, Geo-Fence, battery alerts and many more.

Battery life entitles users to a couple of weeks’ usage without charging. You don’t have to pay for activation fee, contracts or cancellation fees.

With all these information, you would surely find what your truck needs and what requirements you desire to see on your vehicle.