Best Floor Standing Speakers Under $500

Comprehensive Floor Standing Speakers Buying Guide


What you ought to search for in floor standing speakers relies on upon where/how you’ll be utilizing it. The vast majority lean toward these speakers for home theater or stereo setup at home. So to pick the correct speaker bearing in mind how little/huge is the region you’re attempting to load with sound.

To make sure you get the correct sort of floor standing speakers that meet the majority of your prerequisites, recall purchasing the ones that you think looks incredible, as well. A few people want to get speakers that match the inside design of their home, others simply search for speakers in a color that they truly like.


In case you will be searching for the detail of every speaker, you’re most likely to get confused. Furthermore, the majority of them will really stable the same in the long run. So the principal thing you have to do is discover a speaker that is well-assembled. The material your speaker is worked of ponders the sound it produces.

Greater speakers with more grounded specs will cost you more, you’ll think it will be better for you; however, do you REALLY require every one of those specs? Once more, consider why you’re purchasing those speakers, what you’ll utilize them for and how huge/little is the room you’ll be setting up the speakers in.

Music Style

What sort of music you listen to can be enormously upgraded or reduced by your speaker decision. Fortunate most speakers tend to sounds great over an extensive assortment of music, yet some have more knock, pound, or detail than others. Some are laid back, useful for jazz or acoustic, while others units that pound are better for rock, pop, and rap.

Simply taking a look at the speaker specs won’t let you know how the speaker sounds, so you’ll need to research, read surveys, professional and client audits, to get a thought of how the speaker will sound. In the event that you would, it is able to be constantly best to try out the speaker face to face with power and info gadgets like your home set up.

Frequency Response

The range of sounds a speaker can imitate is called recurrence reaction or recurrence run. Full-extend, mid-range, and speakers with numerous drivers will have a decent recurrence reaction as those will have the capacity to create low and high frequencies. The extent of the room, the distance at which it is measured, and the test signal can all have effects on frequency response.

All together for a numerical value to have any genuine importance, the maker ought to give the recurrence reaction notwithstanding the most extreme number of dB that the reaction shifts. This number will be in respect to a reference recurrence. A purchaser may see something like “40 Hz to 10,000 Hz, +-2dB.”

The best floor-standing speakers will have a balance between high and low frequencies. Purchasers ought to search for full-response floor-standing speakers with a little fluctuation, between .5 dB and 3 dB.

Cables for Floor-Standing Speakers

The kind of cables used to connect floor-standing speakers to the enhancer additionally influences the sound quality. Cables permit the speakers and enhancer to connect by sending electrical signals to the drivers so that they can change over these to sound waves.

Ideally, speaker cables ought to have low inductance. Cables normally have high capacitance that is not suited to general enhancers. Pick cables with low resistance appraisals as this permit more energy to make a trip from the intensifier to the speaker. Match the resistance rating of the cables to the impedance rating of the speakers.

Where the resistance rating of the sound cables is more than five percent of the impedance rating of the speakers, sound quality begins to corrupt. Cables ought to be kept as short as could reasonably be expected and purchasers ought to put resources into the most astounding quality cable that their financial plan permits.


Impedance is a measure of resistance. Speakers are given ostensible impedance, measured in Ohms. The more noteworthy the number, the more prominent the resistance. Ordinary impedance evaluations incorporate 4 Ohms, 6 Ohms, and 8 Ohms.

Impedance is vital for customers since the speakers ought to be evaluated at indistinguishable ostensible impedance from the intensifier to which they are associated. On the off chance that the speakers’ impedance is too low, the intensifier can warm. On the off chance that the impedance is too high, the intensifier won’t execute and in addition it ought to.


A speaker’s sensitivity measures the effectiveness with which a speaker changes over power into volume, or volume into decibels. The more prominent the sensitivity, the less power the speaker needs to make the volume.

8 Quality Floor Standing Speakers Under $500 

1. Fluance XL5F

The newly launched Fluance XL5F will forthwith transmute your home into a concert hall courtesy of its solid audio quality and the top-shelf components. These floor standing speakers are designed to include a 6.5-inch woofer, a 1-inch tweeter and covering the midrange, a 5-inch audio driver. The manufacturers are enthusiastic about customer support and interestingly they offer over two years of the same. They also ship in with two years’ warranty. They go at less than $400 (pair) at Amazon.

2. Polk Audio RTI A7

With its well-thought sleek design, this speaker is remarkably durable, and its sound resonates well with a living room setting. Most importantly is that this speaker is a complete upgrade from its predecessors. The MDF construction has been reworked to work hand in hand with resonance-free enclosures preventing unpleasant vibration when a large amplitude is produced.

Be sure to experience no port noise or chuffing since the speaker runs on power port technology. Together with the 1-inch high-grade polymer composite dome tweeter which produces higher audio frequency sounds, the dual composite subwoofers equalize volume creating a much more entertaining music. If you are a lover of HD formats such as SACD or Blu-ray, you’ll want to make use of this speaker.

With a few calibrations the speakers will work perfectly with whatever device they are connected to, regardless of the volume levels. Want a luscious atmosphere in your living room? This speaker is a sure bet. Price at Amazon is less than $500.

3. Onkyo SKF-4800

While the quality of floor standing speakers to a hardcore music listener is quite a bother, the quality in which Onkyo SKF-4800 ships in is beyond doubt easy to fall in love with. Installed features which the speakers come fitted with will indubitably sweep you off your feet. Featured in its hardware is a duo of cone woofers and a tweeter which completes the sound signature. If value for your money is what you are in pursuit, these speakers are exactly what you are searching for. Price $300(pair) at Amazon.

4. Klipsch R-24F

Regarding the price range which these speakers fall, it is astounding how exceptional the quality of the audio is. The manufacturers did a remarkably good job at it. Fitted inside each speaker are a duo 4.5-inch copper-spun woofers and an aluminum dynamic tweeter. Featuring in its design is the fashionable veneer cabinet which counterpoints quite pleasantly with the copper drivers.

5. JBL Arena 170

If a stylish option with serious audio chops is what you are after, the JBL Arena 170 ‘s hard to beat. Equipped with each speaker is a 7-inch woofer and a 1-inch tweeter, which harmoniously deliver quality audio sounds. If you are worried about the space of your living room, especially when it is too small, then picking these reasonably compact speakers will work for you.

6. Sony SSCS3

Meticulously designed to feature a full four-speaker sound setup and accompanied by two 5.5-inch woofers, is this floor standing speaker. What’s more in its hardware is the 1-inch tweeter and a 0.75–inch sub-tweeter. Sony products never disappoint and a look at how well the speaker components are optimized to deliver quality content, tells the same story.

7. Samsung TW-J5500

If smart is what you are all about, then look no further. These floor speakers are not only highly affordable but they also interestingly feature a wireless connectivity mode in addition to the usually wired one. They work perfectly with a smart Samsung TV and Bluetooth-enabled devices. Fitted inside each speaker are dome-shaped tweeters and two six-inch subwoofers, balancing the sound quality just at the superb level.

8. Klipsch RF-82 II

Albeit it is simply designed, this floor standing speaker will amaze you with its juicy sound quality. Employed in its building technology is Tractrix Horn technology, which is known to do well in a big soundstage excellently. You will love the natural sound the tweeter will treat you to, transforming a simple living room to an aura of a recording studio.

This speaker is uniquely designed, featuring the inflexible ceramic-metallic woofer cones to take care of damping and distortion. Honestly, it will exceed your expectations. It’s a speaker you’ll grow to relish.

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