Best TV For Gaming

The world of gaming has constantly evolved through the years, with the likes of Xbox One and PS4 opening the door to a more advanced version of fun. This is why most of today’s TVs now have unique features to accommodate the increasing demand in the gaming industry. If you are one of the many gamers across the globe who wants to own a gaming TV, then this article will serve as your buying guide to help you find the best one for your needs.

Sony KDL-50W829

There are three key reasons why gamers would love this television. First, its input lag is just 19 milliseconds. This is an impressively low figure for a television, which means you will definitely enjoy playing fast-reaction games with it.

In addition, this Sony gaming TV works great with images, thanks to its color richness, excellent contrast, and motion reproduction. Lastly, it is reasonably-priced. For a 50-inch television, this TV is surely an investment-worthy item for gamers.

Sony KD-65X9005B

If your console is 4K-compatible, then this TV could be your best bet. This gaming TV is also a cheaper alternative to the more expensive Samsung UE65JS9500 as it only costs half as much. Despite its lower price, you are guaranteed to enjoy a 4K viewing experience with a powerful integrated sound. Today’s games, after all, are all about the sound and visuals. With an input lag of only 33 milliseconds, this TV is definitely well worth it.

Samsung UE65JS9500

This Samsung TV offers 4K or Ultra High Definition resolution and an impressive High Dynamic Range contrast and color support. Considered as Samsung’s flagship TV for 2015, this television’s 4K upscaling is so impressive that you will surely want to play more than usual. You can expect your favorite games to look way better than HD. Best of all, this Samsung TV offers around 30 milliseconds of input lag. This is considered impressively low for a 4K television.

Sony KDL-40W605

This 40-inch Sony television supports the main- or second-room use, and still provide that big screen experience. You will also see its impressive contrast and color to give you striking game graphics. With a 33-millisecond input lag and a price that has been consistently dropping for the past few months, this Sony TV has awesome features and a good value to offer.

Sony X810C

Gamers who are looking for a quality gaming TV without the high-end features, such as HDR, will find this model interesting. This 55-inch Sony TV offers great picture quality, with minimal blur, good blacks, and impressive uniformity. With an input lag of only 35.7 milliseconds, the more competitive gamers would do fine with this model. If you do not mind the average maximum brightness and the usual washing-out of colors at wide angles, then this TV could be for you.

Toshiba 32D3454DB

This Toshiba TV offers a better gaming monitor that gamers would surely love. While it does not have much color subtlety, this television features a wide range of contrast and aggressive tones. These features allow this 32-inch television to produce game graphics filled with power and pop. With a 33-millisecond input lag, this gaming TV is suited for gamers who play in bedrooms. You can also use the built-in DVD deck for second-room use.


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Panasonic TX-42AS600

If you find 4K TVs expensive, then you might want to consider this Panasonic model. This 42-inch gaming TV features sharp, punchy, and clean images that come with a low render time of under 30 milliseconds. This model has the lowest screen response time compared to other Panasonic TVs that have 65 milliseconds of input lag.

Samsung JU7500

The Samsung JU7500 is one of the best gaming TVs on this list. It features very minimal blur, good uniformity, deep blacks, and great picture overall. This model is very similar with the JU7100, but with better input lag and more blur. Best of all, gamers will love its extremely low input lag of only 21.1 milliseconds. With so many great features to offer, competitive gamers with ample budget should definitely include the Samsung JU7500 on their list.

Finding the Best TV for Gaming

Gamers around the world seek for the best TV for gaming that will provide the best experience. Being a gamer can be overwhelming, with consoles becoming more powerful than ever and display technology has progressed rapidly for the constantly-changing trend. If you are looking for a new gaming TV, here are some important things to note:

  • Say Goodbye to Plasma

All major manufacturers have phased out their plasma lines since 2014, which means these TVs are likely to become rare in the future. Some gamers appreciated the convenient viewing angle and lack of motion blur introduced by the plasma TV. However, other gamers were upset about the TV’s image retention problems.

  • Say Hello to 4K/UHD

Ultra High Definition, also known as 4K, is the next big step for television. It offers a resolution way above full HD, with impressively accurate pictures. If you want to enjoy an ultra-clear resolution for your gaming experience, then you need to see whether your consoles support UHD content. You need to note, however, that not all of today’s consoles support this resolution. If your console cannot support 4K, then you can simply stick to the regular full HD TV for now.

  • Television Size

You need to consider the TV’s overall size. While bigger can be better, an enormous screen could be a hassle for the hardcore gamers. A size of around 40 inches is ideal.

  • Input Lag

Input lag is the TV’s response time, which is measured in milliseconds. This tells you how long it takes for the television to absorb new data and display it on the screen. For gamers, however, any input lag below 30 milliseconds would suffice.

You now know the important factors to consider when looking for the best TV for gaming, as well as the most talked-about brands and models. Always remember to apply those tips when comparing the different gaming TV models available on the market. This will help you narrow down your options, and eventually come up with a buying decision.