Best Subwoofers Under $100

A Subwoofer Buying Guide

A subwoofer is a given loudspeaker, which generates a deep and intense pulse to enjoy especially when you need loud music. However, many people often do not know how to buy them during their purchase from the market. With information, you will always learn on how to make an informed choice. Here is a subwoofer buying guide that you should know today.

The Top Contender

Polk Audio PSW10 10-Inch Powered Subwoofer

Why it is the best for us:

  1. Cone driver – 10” polymer-composite dynamic-balance
  2. Plays at extremely high volume levels
  3. Laser-based Klippel measurement technology – improved linearity & deep precise sound

The market has many different types of subwoofers that are available for sale depending on the needs of the user. It is important that one do proper research before making a decision especially when they need excellent subwoofers.

Powered versus Passive Subwoofers

Subwoofers often come in two basic types namely passive and active in terms of power. You should know what to look for especially when you really need a good deal. During your choice, you should understand the features to look for especially when you want a good deal. Here are some of the features to Look during your purchase of a Subwoofer:

a.) Driver Size: The larger the driver of a subwoofer the deeper the bass. Nevertheless, those with smaller drivers often have quicker response times when playing them. You should learn on what to buy especially when you need a good deal from the market. Personal research is always key when planning to buy one from the market.

b.) Frequency Response: The human ear often hears sounds that travel as low as 30 hertz. Subwoofers capable of reproducing frequencies close to the standard are normally very expensive since they have excellent quality. However, any good subwoofer should produce sound at a frequency of about 35 hertz or below.

Down-Firing versus Front-Facing

Deciding on a down-firing or front-facing subwoofer, you should know that it depends on personal preference when buying. One should research on the difference between the two especially when making a decision to select one during the choice. For instance, speaker of down-firing subwoofers often radiates sounds towards the ground for excellent quality.

Type of Enclosure

The enclosure of subwoofer is the box design that affects its performance. You should ensure that you do a proper research when you need quality, especially when looking for the best options within the market. You can choose between Bass Reflex and Acoustic Suspension to reduce any bass distortion upon purchase.


Before buying any, you should know the right size when making your choice. Personal market research is key for the best sizes that you can buy especially when you need quality sound in your homes. Smaller subwoofers can always produce suitable bass whereas also being compact and convenient.

Custom Sound

Some subwoofers often come with modern pre-set modes that allow for more bass customization of response at the same time depending on the time played. In addition, most expensive subwoofers often have built-in microphones, which can take sound samples by automatically adjusting its sound settings to best suit your listening space.


If convenience for any buyer to choose the best control of a subwoofer using a remote. A wireless remote often makes changing of settings possible easily.

7 Top Subwoofers Under $100

1. VISIO SB3820-C6 38-Inch 2.0 Channel Subwoofer

The VISIO SB3820-C6 38-Inch 2.0 Channel Subwoofer is a unit that considering if you are looking for a sub-woofer under $100. This subwoofer features profound bass sound with stereo drivers that deliver an encompass sound impact. This sub-woofer additionally has Bluetooth that permits audio streaming from other gadgets. The VISIO SB3820-C6 38-Inch 2.0 Channel Subwoofer comes in dark and measures 38.17 x 3.0 x 3.0 inches.


The Jensen JSBW650 BALK Bluetooth subwoofer Speaker can be mounted on the divider or it can lay on a stand or table top. The subwoofer features include advanced volume control, an FM collector, a helper input jack for connecting computerized gadgets, and a 2 x 15 Watt RAMS Subwoofer. The bundle includes a base stand, a divider mounting equipment, remote control and a C120 AC Adapter.

3. Philips Bluetooth Soundbar Speaker HTL2111A/F7

Another subwoofer that gives a virtually encompassing sound alongside Dolby Digital is the Philips Bluetooth Subwoofer Speaker HTL2111A/F2. This sub-woofer has an inherent subwoofer and comes with a remote. Bluetooth capacities permit streaming of music from a cellphone and other remote gadgets. An audio jack makes it conceivable to connect gadgets without Bluetooth ability. The 33-inch long bar is reasonable for bigger divider mounted TVs.

4. RCA RTS7110B-2 RCA Home Theater Sound Bar with Bluetooth

RCA RTS7110B RCA Home Theater Sound Bar with Bluetooth
List Price: $70.87
Price: $70.84
You Save: $0.03
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The RCA RTS7110B-2 RCA Home Theater Sound Bar with Bluetooth is a unit that might be either unsupported or divider mounted. It is 40 inches long and takes into account Bluetooth streaming from a PC, cell phone or tablet. This sub-woofer gives a rich stereo sound because of its four speakers. It additionally has a line-in jack and RCA-sort simple audio inputs and in addition optical computerized yields.

5. Sharp HT-S30V-best modest subwoofer

The final model on this rundown is the Sharp HT-S30V 2.0 Channel 40 Watt Bluetooth Subwoofer. This 40-inch unit fits bigger TVs but does not have a subwoofer. It includes one simple input and one optical input and comes with a remote. It additionally has Bluetooth abilities that can be connected with any Bluetooth gadgets for streaming and listening.

6. Pioneer

This subwoofer is strong. It’s not as powerful or itemized as other models, and we think it’s the feeble link in that system, but that doesn’t stop it being an aggregate euphoria to use. It has 100 watts of continuous power, an eight-inch driver and bass radiator, and a strong arrangement of controls. Straightforward, and successful, and one of the better spending models on this rundown – regardless of the possibility that it is a smidgen old, and most likely needs an overhaul.

7. Polk Audio PSW10 10-Inch Powered Subwoofer

The Polk Audio PSW10 is another affordable and surprisingly powerful little sub-ideal for the start-up home theater system, and it’s turned into a firm most loved improbable to get unseated from this rundown at any point in the near future. At 50 watts, the somewhat greater 10-inch driver doesn’t have all that much power, but delivers clear, fresh, contortion-free bass. This functions admirably for motion pictures but is perfect for music. For small and medium-sized rooms, this is the measure of sub you ought to consider. If you have a bigger space, consider a model like the Kirsch RW-12II. This is one cracking little sub at a decent value, with everything taken into account.

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