Best Headphones Under $500

The Best Headphone

AKG K712 Pro

Why we like this:

  1. Best for long session hours
  2. Power sound imaging – 3dB capability
  3. Incredible treble & impulse response

Top 7 Best Headphones under $500

User Feedback
Price Level
Our Rate
AKG K702 Sophisticated open technology; Varimotion two-layer diaphragm; specially-molded 3D-foam ear pads for optimum fit + easy usageVery GoodModerate4.4 / 5
AKG K712 Pro Maximum wearing comfort for long sessions; improved low-end performance - 3dB; revolutionary flat wire voice coilExcellentModerate4.5 / 5
Audio Technica ATH-IM04 Tuning circuitry - divides and distributes audio signal; crafted to fit & seal user's ear; detachable cables with moldable wire for fit & convenienceVery GoodModerate4.2 / 5
HiFiMan HE400S Planar headphones works efficiently with Smartphone or portable device; lightweight at 350g; earpads remarkably comfortableGoodModerate4.0 / 5
Sennheiser HD600 Produces high-quality transparent sound; equipped with computer-optimized magnet systems; super lightweight aluminum voice coils + reinforced with Kevlar Very GoodModerate4.4 / 5
Sound Technica ATH-W1000X Audiophile Cherrywood Made of pure American Black Cherry Wood for natural playback; great fit & long-wearing comfort; 53mm aperture drivers with patented 2-part magnetic circuits GoodExpensive4.0 / 5
BeoPlay H6 Crafted from genuine leather & anodized aluminum; comfortable lambskin ear pads; lightweight with adjustment + inline remote & microphone for controlling music & taking callsVery GoodModerate4.4 / 5

AKG K702

The K702 highlights a totally adjusted sound and an impressive blend interpretation. You will hear precise and practical sounds that can enhance your inclination. The sound field has the correct sound position, and listening to your most loved tracks will make you feel that you are situated inside a monster concert corridor.

These studio headphones are designed to be utilized with an amplifier. The bass is in great quality, yet you will be most inspired with how they deliver acoustic instruments and voices. This model is perfect for individuals who need more than simply listening to their most loved music, however, don’t wish to spend more than $500 for a couple of headphones.

AKG K712 Pro

The K712 Pro is another AKG choice that promises exceptional sound quality that you would anticipate from the brand. These headphones offer more bass than the other AKG models being advertised. They give you a listening knowledge that gives you a chance to hear the full sound range, with the mids and highs being similarly adjusted. The bass is not in any way overwhelming.

Also, the K712 Pro is agreeable to wear. It has a lightweight development and the headband alters naturally to fit your head. The earcups are made of delicate cowhide that feels fulfilling even following a few hours of use.

Audio Technica ATH-IM04

The ATH-IM04 is the brand’s first in-ear headphone. The organization promises client solace and expert sound quality in this model, and it didn’t disillusion. These headphones created precise sounds. The vocals, low pounds, and harmonies can be heard with clear quality.

The main conceivable downside is its massive outside. However, the whole unit is lightweight and agreeable to wear. Not at all like most in-ear headphones, has the ATH-IM04 offered a separable rope. Its body is made of tough materials, as well. These headphones are most appropriate for portable and expert utilize.

HiFiMan HE400S

Hifiman HE400S Full-Size Planar Headphone
List Price: $299.00
Price: $299.00
Price Disclaimer

The HiFiMan HE400S produces wonderful sounds without boosting any part of the bass, treble, or mid-extend. Such element is an uncommon find in headphones nowadays. Most genuine audience members frequently connect their headphones to a stereo beneficiary jack or an exceptional amplifier designed for headphones. This model will without a doubt sound incredible when utilized like this, yet it can likewise convey when connected to a cell phone, which is a major in addition to.

The headband and the silver ear glasses offer a refined look. It is lightweight, as well, at just 12.3 ounces. The impedance is appraised at 22Ohms. By and large, the HE400S is a perfect decision for devoted sound fans.

Sennheiser HD600

Sennheiser HD 600 Open Back Professional Headphone
List Price: $399.95
Price: $286.12
You Save: $113.83
Price Disclaimer

Sennheiser’s HD600 utilizes a neodymium magnet technology that attempts to minimize bending and power the aluminum voice loops. Its Y-link, which is nine feet long and has one wire to every ear container, conveys your music to the drivers. This link is ended in a 3.5-millimeter, 1/8-inch stereo minijack association.

The organization gives you a chance to supplant the link and ear pads, yet will cost you $25 and $41, separately. Its outdoors design permits outside sounds to come in. This implies you may experience issues listening to your most loved playlist while arranged in a boisterous environment.

Sound Technica ATH-W1000X Audiophile Cherrywood

This model is delivered under Audio Technica’s W arrangement. These headphones look different from many of its different colleagues in the product offering. They don’t offer commotion cancellation and remote sound transmission, yet the sound quality is aggressive. The driver is enormous at 53 millimeters in size to create fantastic sounds. While the entire unit is cumbersome, they are not especially overwhelming. You can wear these headphones for quite a while effortlessly and comfort.

BeoPlay H6

The BeoPlay H6 is mainstream for its fantastic sound and stylish design. Its body is made of premium materials and metals to give it a tasteful appearance. These nearby headphones highlight customized drivers and a neodymium magnet system that add to the item’s superb execution. Besides, the H6 promises adjusted sound impacts, making it a decent mid-go model.

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