10 Best USB Microphones

USB microphones are becoming more and more popular. That’s because you don’t have to worry about a separate power source, the USB port can power the device as you use it. A lot of podcasters, youtubers and video bloggers are now switching to these devices compared to the widely accepted XLR condensers.

When choosing a USB microphone you should consider the purpose as well. I couldn’t stop providing the analogy that when choosing a product, keep in mind that you should be dressed for the occasion. These microphones come in a wide array of designs. Some people prefer those microphone that clip on your laptop or on yourself. Others would like that semi-pro feel. Of course, these two choices actually mean you may be considering other factors like being able to travel with your microphone, or if it’s packed with more features. And yes, USB microphones these days can be condensers.

We urge you to take a closer look at these USB microphones. Some of these microphones have been designed over their LR and condenser counterparts, and some of these, still are pretty affordable despite the expensive looking design and features. A lot of these devices do not feel like USB powered at all.

Here are the best USB microphones that are available in the market today. Run through each of their features and we’re sure you’ll find the one that’s best for you.

10. Blue Yeti

A favorite among internet vloggers, you can search good microphones over the web and the Blue Yeti will show up on almost all of your searches. Thee quality is so good that you cannot tell that it is a USB microphone. Recording patterns can be switched between cardioid, bidirectional, or omnidirectional, meaning you choose whether the microphone picks up sound all around you, or only in a direction you choose. Thhis allows you to eliminate unwanted noises, yet pick up your voice perfectly.

9. Samson Meteor

Just like Yeti, Samson is another dependable brand there is on the market. Cardioid, pickup, it folds neatly for travel. It is also not confined to your laptop; you can connectit to any smart device, with the exception of Apple devices, that use a different connector. A quick use of a converter though, and it works. Although it falls behind the Blue Yeti, it definitely beats it with a low price.

8. Audio-Technica AT2020USB

Twin to the AT2020 XLR model, it’s the same device except that this is on a USB connection. It comes with a tripod desk tripod stand and is travel friendly. Side condensers would mean that the microphone will pick up where you want to address it. This type of pickup will ensure you don’t pick up noise anywhere else. A running favorite among singers and vloggers, and an alternate to its XLR counterpart.

7. Rode NT-USB

Unrivalled stability and quality makes this microphone a crowd favorite. On-mic mixing control, cardioid pickup, pressure gradient and an SPL of 110dB, pop shield, tripod stand, ring mount and storage pouch are a few of its features and accessories. Did we mention it is a condenser microphone?

6. CAD U37

Less costlier than most of the othe brands and models mentioned, this large Cardioid microphone will ensure uncontaminated sound. Reduces distortion, and bass switch to provide better control to the user. The switches are located at the front. Some people will say if it didn’t cost much, it may not be worth much, but if you can check the specs on these, you may be able to determine that inexpensive may not always mean less efficient.

5. Blue Snowball

If you are a podcaster, a gamer or a vlogger, you may want to consider the Blue Snowball. It is one of theose affordable microphones that does not sacrifice anything to quality. Pick up between cardioid or omnidirectional. It comes in 10 different colors, and is pretty lightweight. It will not dismount though to its own stand, which makes it harder to use if you are a singer, being unable to mount this to a regular mic stand.

4. Shure PG42

Built to compare to professional microphones, the Shure PG42 is worth your money for the following reasons: Zero latency, pre-amp and front gain and monitor mix control. Considered a high end USB microphone, it is not one to miss.

3. Samson Go Mic

You win with this microphone. At an affordable price, it brings you the microphone of your preference. A quick carrying case allows you to travel with it, perfect for business travels, gaming and other activities outside your own home. Sound quality is amazing; mountability is also a great feature, as you can clip this microphone on top of a computer or stand on its own. Again, skype meetings or travel companion, this wallet-friendly microphone will do the job.

2. Apogee MiC 96k

Always classy on the high end spectrum, Apogee Electronics continue to deliver with this USB product. It can record in HD, pretty much studio quality, without being confined to just computers and laptops. The microphone can connect to smartphones as well. Versatile as well, the microphone can mount to a regular studio mic stand. Plug-n-Play, eliminating the hassle of installing and uninstalling packages just to make it work properly.

1. Blue Snowflake

It’s a snowflake, because where a lot of these other microphones are pretty good-sized microphones, the snowflake is puny, compared. This, however does not stop it from becoming a formidable contender. Although not one to compete with its bigger brothers and sisters in terms of professionally providing you quality, the Snowflake fares pretty good in terms of vlogging, chatting, and gaming.

These USB microphones bring you a wide range of capabilities at your fingertips. Some of these can satisfy your meticulous cravings for a USB microphone. Some yet, can bot satisfy your standards and your wallet. Although, talking about dressing up for the occasion, do keep in mind what you are buying these microphones for. Till next time, enjoy!