10 Best Electric Bikes

Practically a bike on motor, eBikes are fast becoming popular. Although conventional bikes still rule the market because people who bike for fitness still believe that electric bikes won’t compete with the level of difficulty cyclists are looking for in a bicycle.

People look for different things on a bike, however, and the fact that electronic bikes are motorized, allows bikers to cover more distance without exerting too much energy, It magnifies each pedal push so you are less tired until you get to your destination. Thus Electric bikes are more popular with people who use these equipment as vehicle as compared to commuting.

You can either buy a built bike or assemble one via kits. Of course the difference is whether you want it cheaper, you must of course have a bit of technical know-how on assembling the bike. Anyway, while owning the bike, you are not excused to learning how it works. The convenience  however of buying a factory-assembled bike is better if you want to mount your bike the moment you bring it  home.


Here are the top electric bikes in the market if ever you’re in the mood of joining the increasing group of people who want to stay eco-friendly and commuter friendly.


  1. Leisger MD5

German design at its best. 24 speed and versatile, this bike is best for your short dashes to work. A smart bike, the battery turns off when not in use. The body design of this bike is a one of a kind narrow throttle, includes hydraulic disc brakes. Gel saddle and suspension fork creates the best riding experience.


  1. Haibike XDURO FS RX 27.5

Well built with a sleek frame, this good-sized bike boasts of being noiseless as it has no bottle cage braze ons. Apart from its silent design, the suspension is perfect, and friction is reduced on the wheels a and tires. Best for cross country biking, the XDURO FS RX is still comfortable to ride. There is also an onscreen display that lets you see speed, distance and provides assistance while biking.This display has an option of detaching itself from the bike itself and you can bring it with you.

  1. IZIP E3 Path

Curie Technologies brings this  pretty basic and classic bike, the motor is much gentler at 250 watts. The bike is also lightweight and provides very good balance. If you’re still transitioning from the traditional bike to an electric one, you may want to consider this. The type of motor it is is standard in most streets of Europe, and the bike does perform very well despite the weaker motor. There is a one year warranty on the battery.


  1. Kalkhoff Tasman Tour C8 Premium

Another German design, Kalkhoff utilizes time-tested  quality on this bike. Stable and lightweight, quieter shifting, cleaner gears allow the bike to maneuver  easily without you losing control. It is a let down however that despite the high technology spent on this bike is that Kalkhoff failed to provide it an on board LCD console. The bike is  designed for transportation, more than anything else.


  1. Pedego Interceptor

A powerful Cruiser Electric bike, the Pedero Interceptor packs a 500 watt motor. It is huge and  sturdy, the interceptor is surprisingly light. Because the bike is a cruiser bike, power and comfort seems to be the goal designing this piece of art. The key is that it should be sturdy enough to cruise and comfortable enough for you to endure  long riding hours.


  1. Rad Power Bikes RadRover

Also a cruiser bike with a powerful 500 watt motor, the RadRover also boasts a 7 speed drivetrain. Hangtai developed the 500 watt planetary gear motor, and it is reported to carry itself to exceed expectations. A heavy duty bike that packs a lot of fun, you will enjoy owning the Rad Rover by Rad Power.


  1. Motiv Spark

Another cruiser bike that is designed with a center of gravity that helps you balance the bike a lot easier. The large padded seats provide  unrivalled comfort for those long relaxed rides. Lightweight for  a cruiser bike, it does not deter the Spark from performing against its heavier counterparts. The battery has a 2 year warranty.

  1. GoCycle G2

Foldable bikes are popular with people who want to bring their bikes indoors or does not wish to bother themselves with chaining up their bike to a rack. Foldable bikes also allows you to own bikes in residences that wouldn’t usually allow you any space for a full bike. 3 speed hub on a 500 watt motor, this bike competes very well with its non foldable counterparts. Because the foldable design’s goal is to let the bike store in small spaces, it is also built small. Don’t be fooled by the small design, this baby packs a lot of power with it.


  1. Magnum Mi5

This hard tailed bike is packed with value. To start with, it is one of the most reasonable priced bikes on this list. The 350 watt motor offers pedal assist and throttle mode. However it limits the power supplied with the throttle. Beautifully designed frame, the bike is also pretty sturdy. The battery has a one year warranty.


1.Specialized Turbo

A pretty solid designed bike, the Turbo is also affordable and provides you 2 year electronics warranty, lifetime guarantee on the frame. That’s a pretty generous offer. The LCD console does not dismount from the bike itself, but allows you to pair the machine with any iOS device. Small and lightweight, the bike also is stealthy because of its  small size. As we have possibly learned from reading this artlcle, size does not compromise power.


We’ve provided a very balanced set of examples on which bike are best for you, there are different types of electric bikes based on built and each category has been faithfully represented.WE hope  that this compendium of machines allows you to choose the best bike for the occasion. Until then, enjoy!


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